Easy steps to get Approved for Google Adsense

100% tested method to get approved for google adsense publisher account.

Traditional Method to get Approved

Adsense has changed the AdSense approval process, and made is easy for new publishers. Here is the new account approval process:

  • Ensure your website is compatible with AdSense
  • Sign up for an AdSense account
  • Login to your AdSense account
  • Add the AdSense code
  • Wait for 1-2 weeks for final review & approval

Here is only chance to get approved if you have quality content and enough content for adsense min requirement.

My Method to get Approved

Secret is to Use Youtube channel to get a adsense account. Its easy and simple. Steps involved in getting new approved adsense account are:

  • Create a Youtube Channel (Use new Email Id, don’t use which you already tried for adsense, in past)
  • Put 2-3 videos from anywhere of your city, your garden, any tech review, something from raod, bike ride, anything.. just make sure it never published on web before.
  • Share these videos to your friend and social media and get some views.
  • Go to monetize section and follow this link How to monetize youtube channel?
  • Wait for google, they will review and approve it within 2-3 days..
  • Now login into your adsense account using same email for youtube channel, and start creating ads for your websites..
  • Wohooo! you are done.

Notes: Use blogspot only if it is 6month old or if hosted with custom domain.


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