What are 20 hard life lessons everyone should learn in their 20s?

Here is 20 hard life lessons

  • Life has already begun. There is no interlude. Nor is there a trial version. Your every decision matters.
  • Your online friends are fake friends. Unfortunately, it’s true. Most of them do not care about you and will not come in your hour of need.
  • If you fall in love, be ready to get your heart broken. It is tough and it hurts.
  • Your studying career does not end after prom. Knowledge is crucial. If you are not willing to be left behind, keep studying.
  • Your family members are the most important people in your life. They are the only ones who care about you. Treat them well and appreciate them.
  • Your weaknesses do not matter. Learn to accept this. The only things that matter are your strengths. Improve them.
  • Everything worth doing takes years. Do not expect to reach your goals too quickly. It will probably take much longer than you imagine.
  • All the opportunities for growth are beyond your comfort zone. Make leaving it a habit. Find your discomfort zone. Enter it.
  • Broken relationships are not worth staying in. Do not waste your time on things you cannot fix anymore. Let them go and move ahead.
  • The world is full of injustice. There are plenty of unjust things you are likely to face within your lifetime. Be ready!
  • Luck comes to those who work hard. Good things do not come to those who wait. Persistence and hard work are the only prerequisites for luck.
  • There is no perfect moment to start. If you want to start doing something, act now. Do not wait for a better moment. It will never come.
  • You cannot be everywhere and have everything. Learn to make the right choices and commit to the things that matter most.
  • Every person in your life should be appreciated. Do not take people for granted.
  • Experience and emotions are your best investments. The traditional measures of success — fancy cars and houses — are no longer relevant. Emotions, memories, experience, knowledge. These are the things that matter.
  • Later often means never. Do not postpone anything. Live now!
  • Success equals perseverance. Do not give up. Stay dedicated to your dreams. Chasing them is difficult, but it’s worth the struggle.
  • Regular workouts are crucial. Take care of your health and body. Exercise regularly and make sure you are in a good shape.
  • Your failures do not matter. Only wins count. Therefore, do not be afraid to fail.
  • Nobody will help you. You have to help yourself.
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