101 different type web content to drive traffic

Content is King

Web Content is the single best way to drive people to your website today. Various types of content, strategically connected to your brand, can work wonders in capturing the attention of consumers and leading them in your direction, but you have to provide some sort of value.

Content should be appealing

Teach them something. Entertain them. Do something that makes it worth their while. That’s where you have the opportunity to tell them about your brand and what you can do for them.

Are you ready?

I’ve compiled a list of 101 things that can act as content on your website. I gathered these information from various source and after web content research.. Some are standalone, some work together, but most important, they can all be promoted on social media and be used as resources to drive your target audience to your website. Your end goal is to leverage these types of materials so you can do a better job of educating or entertaining your audience to sell your products or services, strengthen your brand, or both. 

Here we go:

    1. A/B testing and results
    1. Affiliations and partners
    1. Aggregation of articles
    1. Animated gifs
    1. Associations and memberships
    1. Audio recordings
    1. Background and experience info
    1. Blog posts
    1. Book summaries
    1. Brochures
    1. Cartoons
    1. Case studies
    1. Certifications
    1. Charts
    1. Cheat sheets
    1. Comics
    1. Commercials
    1. Comparisons
    1. Contests
    1. Creative stories
    1. Custom software
    1. Customer reviews
    1. Data and statistics
    1. E-books
    1. Email newsletters
    1. Embedded tweets
    1. Event information
    1. FAQs
    1. Files and spreadsheets
    1. Flyers
    1. Free guides
    1. Full videos
    1. Giveaways
    1. Graphs
    1. Guest posts
    1. History
    1. How-to guides
    1. Illustrations
    1. Infographics
    1. Interviews
    1. Lists
    1. Live chats
    1. Live-streaming video
    1. Maps
    1. Media mentions
    1. Memes
    1. Micro-blog posts
    1. Micro-videos
    1. Mind maps
    1. Mobile apps
    1. Music videos
    1. News
    1. News releases
    1. News jacking write-ups
    1. Newsletters
    1. Online games
    1. Personal bios
    1. Photo galleries
    1. Photos
    1. Pin boards
    1. Plug-ins
    1. Podcasts
    1. Polls
    1. Portfolio pieces
    1. PowerPoint or SlideShare presentations
    1. Predictions
    1. Pricing
    1. Pricing sheets
    1. Product demos
    1. Product or service information
    1. PSAs or video PSAs
    1. Q&As
    1. Questionnaires
    1. Quizzes
    1. Quotes and Inspirational messages
    1. Ratings
    1. Research or synthesized information
    1. Resource pages
    1. Results of polls, surveys, and questionnaires
    1. Reviews
    1. ROI calculators
    1. Sales sheets
    1. Screencasts
    1. Screenshots
    1. Site tour videos
    1. Software reviews
    1. Specification or data sheets
    1. Stupid, fake, and funny images and captions
    1. Surveys
    1. Templates
    1. Testimonials
    1. Timelines
    1. “To do” and “what not to do” articles
    1. Twitter chats
    1. User-generated content
    1. Vlogs
    1. Webinars
    1. White papers
    1. Wikis
  1. Worksheets

So next time you’re in a conversation about content marketing, or if you are developing your content calendar, you should no longer struggle to come up with ways your company can start leveraging this tactic. Select one or more from the ideas above. Good luck.

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