5 Dimensions of Designing an SEO Friendly Website

Building a website can be a long project. As the owner of the website, you may want to focus on all the aspects that count in making the website visible to the virtual world of the internet. Do you think that is easy? Of course, it is not easy and that’s why we have web experts for whom building a website is like grooming a child.

Well, a website for a professional web developer is like a child as the website is taught or at least tuned to respond to online queries (keywords) without any delay. It is SEO or search engine optimization technique that can help a website survive among the hoards of websites bombarded on the internet from different regions of the world.

Five Points SEO Strategy For Any Website

1. Domain Name:

The SEO of the website is often said to have something to do with the content. But, not many are aware that the SEO of the website is a long process that begins with name or domain selection. The name that you choose for your website has to be SEO friendly. Here is what GoDaddy has to say about choosing the domain name:

  • The domain name should be easy to type. Using slangs in the domain like ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ will make your website harder to discover on the search engine pages.
  • The shorter the domain name the better it would be. A long domain name with tongue twisters will be hard for anyone to remember. Think this way, how about if your name was ‘krishtinasianimzurki’?
  • Numbers and hypes in the domain are often difficult to remember and misleading. Try and avoid using them in the domain.
  • Use domain name extensions wisely. For instance, .co is for company, .info is for informational website, .org is for non-commercial website and .me is for blogs and resumes.

2. Link Building:

Once having the domain name registered you may plan for a link building strategy as a way to promote the website. A website with a good quality link will be easy to locate. Optimizing the website for the search engine it is important to keep in mind the link building structure.  A good SEO strategy for link building should include targeted keywords that should also be included in the anchor text and at the top in the HTML.

3. SEO Optimized Content:

Any SEO strategy is incomplete without proper content optimization.  A website is incomplete without proper content. Quality content throughout the website is a must before its launch. The content of the website should be visible and indexable to the search crawlers. Stuff the content with proper keywords but don’t over-stuff the keywords. The keywords should be added in the page titles, meta descriptions, and alt tag.

4. Responsive Web Design:

There are two kinds of web design – responsive and constant. A responsive web design is capable of reformatting itself to different screen sizes. Ask the web developer to develop a responsive website for you if you want to target audience to your website and reap profits on the long run. A website with poor response rate is less likely to make any revenue online.

5. Integrate Social Media:

When making a website you may also feel like having a social presence. Integrating social media with the website can help stay connected with the online audience. This will allow you to share an update on social media directly through your website.

Besides, it will be a convenience for the customers to share their experience on the social media by liking the website and recommending it to others. Having a social presence is a must for any online business to prosper. Here are some of the points to consider for social media integration on the website:

  • The social media buttons should be visible on the website and easy to locate. The ideal place is the top corner of the website.
  • Have up-to-date buttons on the website. Do simple research to find out what is latest in the social media language and use it on the website to sound up-to-date.
  • Include share buttons to allow people visiting your website to share content that they find most useful.
  • Use social media insight as well as Google analytics to pick up on trends and to better understand the success and failure of a campaign. There are a number of social media insight such as Sprout Social that allow the user to compare web an analytics as well as social media reporting information from time to time.

Having an insight on the social activity of the website online can help improve the online presence of the website. The website is your online identity it is your responsibility to keep it up-to-date and easy to locate for enhanced online exposure.

These were some top five things to consider while designing a website. Considering the aforementioned points you can have a website for optimum online exposure.

Neil Patel, a well known online personality, says that for best SEO results it is important to remove anything that slows down the website, focus on the keyword, link to other websites that are doing well online, write for the audience and not for the internet, encourage trustworthy websites for back-links, and write unique and original content.

Besides the content, it is also important to have a unique meta description that shows up on the search engine. The meta description is a description of the website highlighted in black font on Google right under the green link of the website.

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