Admob optimization tips to earn more from Apps

Private: Admob optimization tips to earn more from Apps

Prepare your app for the season’s next big events. Follow this checklist to make sure your app and your account are ready to go.

Step 1: Know your users

Getting to know your users is a great way to learn more about who they are and where they come from. Analyze AdMob eCPM and Cost-Per-Click reports, or perform audience segmentation with Firebase or other data analytics tools. By knowing where your potential customers are located, you can maximize revenue from your app’s ad inventory and increase revenue from in-app purchases by offering customers effective pricing solutions.

  • AdMob Reports: AdMob offers the option to create saved reports and add dimensions such as “Country” to see the breakdown of your earnings and other important metrics.
  • Use Google Analytics for Firebase: A free, unlimited mobile analytics solution, integrated with AdMob. Firebase offers an Audience report in your Dashboard with insights on the location of your users.  Firebase can also be used to test ad placements, price floors, and many other features and settings within your app and AdMob account.

Step 2: Repackage your app with holiday or event-themed icons

Add a touch of festivity to connect with your users.

Holiday-themed app Icons can help you connect better with users and make them feel more special during the festive season. The app icons are the first thing that a user sees. Users should be able to instantly recognise what they want, download it and engage with it, immediately.

  • Backgrounds and designs: Users might appreciate a Diwali-themed app background or snowflakes falling on the screen while the app loads. 
  • App features: Including themed features such as new Christmas recipes in your cooking app, or new bonuses, coins, tools or themed-weapons for your gaming apps can help drive app engagement. 
  • Game levels or characters: If you develop games, you can delight users with a new exclusive level or character related to the festivity.
  • Apps: Launching new apps can also be the answer to rising user needs around the holidays.

Attract new users with festive icons.

When searching for new apps, the first thing users see is your icon. If they aren’t sold at the first point of contact, they’re less likely to download it. Package your app for the festivities: 

  • Design holiday-specific app icons (i.e. Christmas look) 
  • Test different app icons using app store listing experiments to identify the best one (Google Play)

Step 3: Optimize your AdMob account  

Avoid missing revenue opportunities. Log into your Google AdMob account often to review your setup: 

  • Follow the optimization tips for AdMob to get the most out of your account and make sure you receive targeted optimization tips from Google.
  • Sign up to receive targeted optimization tips
  • Use Google AdMob Reports and Firebase for more insights on your app and your users
  • Firebase Remote Config Experiments with A/B Testing to test different ad placements, formats, and sizes before the season to avoid missing revenue opportunities.

Step 4: Grow your app with Universal App Campaign

Google Ads Universal App campaigns (UAC) help you find more users for your app. A UAC campaign uses machine learning to drive installs and in-app actions out of the app, but over time it will learn how to make those users happy by matching their interests with ads that are relevant to them.

Step 5: Update your app routinely 

It is important to update your app regularly, so that users can stay updated with any new features. It’s recommended that you update at least 1–4 times per month to meet users’ needs and create a better user experience. If you need to make changes to the app, make sure that you submit them in advance so people can get access to those updates as soon as possible. Some app stores take longer than others before approving submissions of new apps and updates.


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