Dream Big with Big team

What is the most important thing to build a successful company?
5 things that help

1. Find passionated personality.

Forget about the CV, whatever they mention in it. Look what they achieved, what they did amazing. Do they have focus on life, why they are doing. Is they hungry for the work? If yes, select this person.

2. Don’t hire someone from big position.

Sometime you think to hire a multinational guy, he will come and help you with their idea and some money, But this is not help you. They will always try to force their idea’s on your business.
So, find a new guy from lower position, that guy will feel challenged and make more effort.

3. Keep recruiting

Don’t stop recruitment, look at this point.. if guy is beneficial, Catch them. Ask everyone, if they know someone who can help and work for your company and make list of their contact number and skills.
That will also help when ever you want to find a guy urgently, you can contact that person and can offer more than he getting paid.

4. Are you enjoying?

We always feel that work and personal life are separate things but this is not. The people with their vision, they will make your vision too. Partying with them, going out, traveling together, talking about funniest things make your bond stronger.

5. Dream big with a big team

If you are dreaming big, you must have a big team to do the right things oprated by yourself.
Fill the effort of yours, your dream, your vision to all team members. That will make you successful as you want.

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