How to optimize in-app revenue with Google AdMob

1. Test AdMob ad placement

Some developers tend to maintain, a certain rigidity in placing their Ads which can be detrimental for revenue generation. Fixed Ad placement can develop a certain form of immunity by the user who then, chooses to ignore the Ad. There has to be flexibility in Ad placement to keep the interest, in the mind of the user alive. Flexible Ad placements help you maximize your app revenue.

2. Test different types or sizes of AdMob ads

You should try out various & innovative styles of Ads, which will give you an insight on the most revenue-generating Ad.

Complete the following steps to receive AdMob optimization tips:

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click Settings in the sidebar.
  3. Click  in the “Email preference” section.
  4. Check the “Customized help and performance suggestions” checkbox.
  5. Click Save.

Please allow up to 10 days for this change to take effect.

3. Optimize eCPM floors

This feature allows you to customize which ad units to show in which countries and how many of them are shown in each country at what price. This means that your app will only show ads at a certain price or higher, not really causing blindness but also giving users more chance to see the best ad for their needs.


Monetize and promote your app with AdMob.

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