How to Promote a Website?

You bought a domain and created a website. But what if nobody sees it? All your efforts will be in waste. Therefore, it is very much important to promote your website. Usually, people do not make budget for paid advertising campaigns and event sponsorship for their website. In this article, I am making an effort to explain you the tested strategies which you can use to promote your website and can increase the engagement of people on it. I will also tell you how to execute those strategies. So, here are the various steps your need to follow for the execution:-


Guest blogging is a method to make a presence within your niche. It helps to grow your backlink profile and make good connections in the industry. When you write in your niche for other well-known sites, you are offering your content in prime places to reach the right people who are interested in your topic. You need to follow 3 steps to make the guest blogging effective.

Step 1

Search your targets

First of all, you need to find out the best blogs to target. Always remember that you need to blog in the right places and for the right people. You have to research and make a list of well-known blogs justify to your niche. If you post outside your niche, you won’t get quality traffic.

 Step 2

Prepare your pitch

There are various techniques available to get a favorable response from strangers on the internet. Devote some time and effort to make yourself familiar with the blog’s content and find out the other guest bloggers who are posting there. Gather this information to make your pitch and apply some common sense to get into the good books of an editor. Hopefully, you will find a huge difference in the responses you receive.

Step 3

Write your guest post

Remember, you will always have to follow the similar style and formatting of the blog for which you are writing a guest post. For articles use headings, sub-headings, and bolded text, follow the trend. Make sure to follow the word limit and if the articles containing many screenshots, just do the same. The review procedure may vary from blog to blog. Therefore, follow the lead of your editor. If he tells you to make some adjustments and changes, be co-operative. While linking back to your website, do not forget to include links to the blog’s existing content. It will make your post lesser self-promotional and makes your editor happy.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the process of getting your website high ranked on search engines like Google etc. For example if you are running a gift shop, your website will be shown on top if anyone searches for a gift shop on Google. This may only happen if you have selected the right keywords for the search engines. We see a nice boost in traffic when the post is published for the first time. But this referral traffic soon fades. So we have to use and change the suitable keywords time to time. There are various steps to make an effective SEO.

Step 1

Write content around a topic having traffic potential

Selecting proper keywords is very important for your SEO success. If your content lacks behind the other popular search items, the traffic will begin to vanish from your website. There are many variables involve in selecting a keyword. You have to keep in mind the simple and often used keywords which are used to type on the search engines.

Step 2

Optimize your content

It does not matter if you are creating a fresh content or working with the existing posts, you will need to optimize them to rank on Google. It involves a valuable research, copywriting work and many other factors.

Step 3

Link Building

A backlink acts as an indicator of how important is your content for search engines. I would rather say that having a high number of backlinks helps as an influential factor to rank high in search engines. Once you have created a meaningful and interesting content, it’s time to build backlinks to it. You can also learn some methods to loot your competitors’ backlinks.



It is the place where you can share or discuss about any topic that does not go against their violation policy. It is very effective particularly to marketers because blatant advertising will not work here. Redditors are very smart and skeptical. They are strict on blatant advertising and can ban you if they find you doing that. You will have to be patient and see the long-term vision if you are trying to promote on Reddit. You will have to prove, that you have something valuable to share before you actually share.

Here’s how to do it

Step 1

Identify your niche

There are the number of communities which you can subscribe and target the particular niche according to you. But you will have to be very careful because Redditors are strictly against the blatant advertising.

Step 2

Become one of them

It is better to integrate yourself. Follow the relevant communities and build a reputation with them. Every subreddit vary from each other. So you need understand first what works for each audience. Of course, make sure to read the rules of each subreddit and follow them religiously.

Step 3

Promote wisely

If you have spent enough time to the community and made new friends there, you may start giving references to your website to others. Taking suggestions about targeting audiences or positioning your website may attract the communities to take interest in your website or content.

Conclusion: You cannot expect your website to grow itself. You will have to make necessary efforts to ensure that your website is noticed by the search engines. Besides the aforementioned points, regularly update your website for good website traffic.

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