Top 15 Must-Have Productivity Apps

The right productivity software can save you a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of tasks to perform. The key is to find the right blend between time-saving and time-mapping tools. All of them should be capable of helping you to organize your day and create tasks that are easy to reach.

Top productive apps for ambitious people

  • OfficeSuite + PDF Editor:

    If you are an office worker, student or a blogger and you have to move around document files then OfficeSuite is a great app with which any user can easily do what they want. The app has support for MS Office formats (CAT,XLS,XLSX,PPT,PPTX). Using this app you can view, edit and create Word and Excel documents and convert them to/from PDF.

  • AirDroid:

    If you are a user of Android Smartphone and work on a desktop, AirDroid is the best productivity app for you. The app allows you to access and manage your smartphone from your PC screen as well as letting you connect multiple devices. You can easily access SMS, call logs and more in your phone from laptop or tablet screen. Also use this anywhere without any WiFi or mobile data.

  • Chrome Remote Desktop:

    The Chrome Remote Desktop is a great app to help you access your computer from anywhere. It lets you connect to your computer securely. This app offers saving of time because you don’t have to log into different devices and then switch between them. You can also save yourself from having to go through the trouble of looking for a rogue software that might get accessed by someone else.

  • Google Now Launcher:

    Although it doesn’t take up much time in launching Google chrome and typing in keywords that you would like to check for on the internet. The Google Now Launcher enables you to do so right from the home screen of the Smartphone without the need of hitting to the Google Chrome. The app also provides suggestions while you type in the keywords to help you find the best results.

  • Today Calendar:
    When it comes to using your smartphone to do work, you cannot go wrong with productivity apps. They help us organize our time and make sure that we get the best out of it. Today Calendar is one such app that will ease your life by scheduling appointments, setting reminders and more.
  • Google Keep:

    Google Keep is a Google mobile app designed to help you manage your to-do list, notes and This app can be synced individually to the different devices, so your productivity is always in the palm of your hand, wherever you are.

  • Evernote:

    Evernote is a popular productivity tool that lets users take notes and create databases to organize their important information. The app is available on both desktop and mobile devices, so your information is accessible no matter where you are at any moment.

  • TripIt: Travel Organizer:

    Triplt is a robust and feature-packed app that gives you the power to create itineraries, organize your travel plans and share them with others, all from Gmail,, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail or Dropbox. Just plug in the details of one of your trips and sit back as our app creates an itinerary to fit your needs using the most up-to-date traffic data and weather conditions.

  • Finger Gesture Launcher:
    Android devices allow us to do multiple things at one time. We can chat and check emails at the same time. However, at times switching between the apps becomes a cumbersome The Finger Gesture Launcher is one productive app that helps one jump from one app to another with utmost ease. Using this app one can switch between the apps just from the gesture of the fingers.
  • Link Bubble:

    The Link Bubble app is a must-have productivity tool that helps you do multiple things at once. One of its best features is its ability to let you open a web page in the background while performing other tasks on your Android phone. This can save you time by giving you instant access to information while you wait for websites to load.

  • Microsoft Outlook:

    Microsoft Outlook for Android is the best email app available on Android. It allows you to access emails and revert to them while walking, driving or even shopping. This app helps you organize meetings and set reminders just from your Android Smartphone.

  • Expensify – Expense Reports:
    Expense Reports: Everyday we make certain expenses with some of them being miscellaneous expenses that are often neglected but often are left untracked. Using this app one can maintain a record of expenses. The app is specially designed for small businesses.
  • Google Translate:
    Google Translate is one of the best free apps that can be installed in your phone. The app supports 45 languages and has a camera mode, which will help you translate unknown languages by using the camera. It uses crowdsourcing technology which makes one language data more accurate than any other translation app.
  • SwiftKey:
    SwiftKey makes suggestions that are more relevant to you and your writing style. Its predictions benefit from what it knows about your word usage habits, such as words you often use together, misspellings, punctuation marks and more. SwiftKey also works hand-in-hand with Google’s unique transcription technology to learn as you write, making it possible for the app to accurately guess what you mean when typing is not enough.
  • Hooks – Alerts & Notifications:
    Hooks is a productivity tool that lets you maximize your time and stay connected. The app has two types of notifications that helps you in staying updated and up to date. You can also get multiple push notification for different categories like news, celebrities and more.

Productivity is a key to success. There are apps that can help organize tasks, emails, meetings and schedule meetings. With these apps you will be more productive than ever before.

This productivity app combines a number of features that help you stay up to date with your projects and deadlines. It includes an email account, calendar, reminders and task list which can be used to keep yourself organized.

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