What is Digital Marketing?

A marketing gimmick that encompasses all the possible use of electronic devices is called digital marketing. The digital medium especially social media, search engines, emails, and other online tools are used by businesses to target prospective customers. For instance,

  • some companies may leverage email marketing as a way to promote their services and attract customers, on the other hand, some may use social networking sites for spreading words. All these activities can be put under the broader category of digital marketing.

  • The internet was introduced quite a few years back. But, it is surprising to know how its usage keeps growing day by day. There has not been a single incident highlight a drop in internet usage. This trend has, in fact, attracted many to use digital marketing as a way to promote their business.
  • It is a newly launched firm or a well-established company, digital marketing is one of the many surer ways to get noticed online. There is no hard and fast definition to mug up and remember in case you are some student or applicant to a digital marketing post. All one need to know is the different types of digital marketing strategies to get the best result in the optimum utilization of time.

Here are some of the most crucial types of digital marketing:

  • Content marketing: As the term donates, the promotion of goods and services through online content in the form of blog posts, article, press release, review and more is content marketing. In this type of digital marketing unique content is used for generating leads, creating brand awareness, and attracting customers across the internet. Following are a few channels of content marketing:
    • Blog posts
    • Info graphics
    • EBooks and whitepapers
    • Online brochures and look books.
  • Search Engine Optimization: The process of optimizing a website to make it rank on the search engines is called search engine optimization or SEO. The utilization of the right SEO strategy can help businesses generate more of organic traffic to their respective website. Following are some of the channels of digital marketing that can be greatly benefited by SEO:
    • Info graphics
    • Websites
    • Blogs
  • Social Media Marketing:The practice of promoting brands and services on the social media platform is called social media marketing. Many companies or individuals choose Facebook, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Google+, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as their favorite social media to promote services.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing is a kind of performance-based advertisement in which the advertiser receives a commission for promoting the products of someone else. Some of the most popular channels of affiliate marketing include hosting video add on the YouTube through partner program and posting affiliate links from social networking sites or websites.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): PPC is a popular form of digital marketing in which the ads are displayed on the website. Every time an ad gets clicked the publisher is paid a certain amount. The most popular channel of PPC is Google Ad Words. Other channels include – Twitter, sponsored messages on LinkedIn, paid ads on Facebook.
  • Native Advertising: The native advertising term refers to a content-focused advertisement which is featured on a number of platforms. For example – BuzzFeed sponsored posts.
  • Marketing Automation: Some businesses and organizations use automotive tools to automatically regenerate promotional content such as email newsletter, social media post scheduling, and more.
  • Email Marketing: Email marketing is one of the most popular methods adopted by companies for communicating with their customers. They use email for promoting products and services with a link to the company’s official website. This way, companies promote the services and direct traffic to their respective websites. Here are some of the emails that are most commonly sent in the email marketing campaign:
    • Blog subscription newsletter
    • Customer welcome emails
    • Tips on similar series email for customer nurturing.
    • Holiday promotion to loyalty program members
    • Follow-up emails to website visitors who downloaded something
  • Online PR: Securing online presence through digital publications, blogs, article submission directories and more is called online PR. The scope of online PR is just like the traditional PR with the online difference being the platform.
  • Inbound Marketing: Using all possible mean to attract customers through content is called inbound marketing

Digital Marketing with Professionals

A professional digital marketer is skilled to drive brand awareness and lead generation. He holds expertise in managing different marketing channels – both paid and free – that are best suited for the purpose.

  • The channels include search engine ranking, display advertising, emails, blogs, and websites. For each channel, a digital marketer uses different key performance indicators (KPI). For instance, a digital market responsible for the SEO of the website uses ‘organic traffic’ for monitoring the progress.
  • Digital marketing is a large-scale marketing for the type of channels it covers. The focus of a digital marketer is to ensure that the content or infographic advertised on different channels gets the much-needed attention through authentic sources.
  • The digital marketer uses his experience in digital marketing to understand how to best promote a brand and maintain its goodwill in the online market.

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